Sylvie Fortin, Art Papers Editor

Good interview with Art Papers Editor, Sylvie Fortin, about the magazine and perspectives from a non-art center.


WEB_1: The Medium is the Message selected project results

Assignment details

WEB_1: The Medium is the Message

mediumThis assignment will challenge you to work as a group to reproduce a printed work onine while simultaneously exploring the concepts of media theory.

Working in groups and as a class, recreate online the famous text/design collaboration of Marshall McCluhan and Quentin Fiore, “The Medium is the Massage.” Working in groups of 3-4 scan, type, and code in HTML/CSS sections of the book which you are assigned.

Begin the process by creating Photoshop mockups. Mimic the design of the book as close as possible by scanning original images and considering typography. Code the mockup in XHTML/CSS keeping in mind the following guidelines

  • Use real text whenever possible
  • Use web-safe fonts
  • Hand code (do not use DW Design View)
  • Each spread must be hyperlinked to the previous and next page spread in your group.
  • Each series of group pages must link to the previous and next group’s portion so that a user will be able to click through the entire book.
  • Make sure to check your HTML and CSS files using the W3C Validator.

Regarding group work

  • You are all responsible for your group’s portion of the project
  • You will receive a group grade, and disperse the points within depending on the amount you agree each earned. Consider this a scaled down version of self-governance and accountability.

Due in class on Monday, October 19.