WEB_1: Discuss: Design is in the Details by Naz Hamid and Virtual Identities from the Encyclopedia of New Media

Reply: Design is in the Details by Naz Hamid and Virtual Identities from the Encyclopedia of New Media


WEB_1: Identity Readings, pt.1

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Discuss: Your Facebook Profile Makes Marketers’ Dreams Come True by Eliot Van Buskirk  //  Online Privacy Law On The Way, Congressman Promises by Ryan Singel  //  Privacy is dead, and social media hold smoking gun by Pete Cashmore

WEB_1: Alter Ego

Alter ego: Fabricating a virtual identity

2.5-3 weeks
Creative Web

Reading: Virtual Identities, Virtual Identities in the News

For our final project we will be reading some essays on the relationship of the web to contemporary concepts of identity. One of the most common ways that the web changes the way we view ourselves is through the creation of virtual identities, alter egos, or avatars.

Your assignment is to create a website for your alter ego. When you create your alter ego, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is your alter ego different from your own identity?
  • Which aspects of your alter ego’s identity are similar or different?
  • Some dimensions of identity to consider:
    • Gender
    • Sexual Preference
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Class/socioeconomic standing
    • Level of Education
    • Occupation/Vocation
    • Avocation/Hobby
    • Cultural tastes
    • Sub-cultural identification
  • Why do aspects of your alter ego’s identity differ from your own?
    • Is it based on a secret or repressed desire?
    • Does it reflect a desire to experience life in someone else’s shoes.
    • to empathize?
Make your virtual identity as rich as possible by including visual and narrative
support. The visual material and text support should explore the following forms:
  • VideoLogs, or vlogs
  • Still image, either photographic or computer generated (i,e. illustration, rendering)
  • Audio files of your character.


The first step, is to make and upload a proposal with your ideas, images, designs, and inspiring sites and link it from your profile.
Don’t forget to link to the final project from your profile.
Due in class, Dec 2