Web2 class notes

Here are some things we looked at in today’s Web2 class for your reference later.

Arthur Ganson makes beautiful machines

Processing.js makes your data visualizations, digital art, interactive animations, educational graphs, video games, etc. work using web standards and without any plug-ins.

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions.

You can see a sample of some of the best work created using Processing in the Exhibition.

The Creators is an interactive, audio-reactive multitouch installation

CONTINUUM is a concept for a web-based fashion label in which designs are user-generated using custom software and made to order to your personal measurements.

My little piece of Privacy by Niklas Roy


Jack Stenner artist lecture

This is the final lecture for calendar year 2009. See you there!

Playas: Homeland Mirage installation view, 2007, photo by Max Becher.

Jack Stenner artist lecture
Thursday, November 19

Jack Stenner is an artist who works with digital media. He is currently Assistant Professor and Area Coordinator of the Digital Media Art program in the School of Art + Art History at the University of Florida. His work revolves around issues related to our socio-culturally constructed “reality” and the ways we create meaning from our environment. Combining techniques from information retrieval and visualization, motion tracking, video gaming, 3D visualization and experimental video, his work has been shown nationally and internationally at exhibitions including Siggraph, ACM Multimedia, International Society of Electronic Artists (ISEA), ZeroOne Biennial, Alternative Museum, Polk Museum of Art, Tampa Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, and others. http://www.jigglingwhisker.com

WEB_2: Final Project: Physical/Digital Interface

For your final project you can explore any concept you wish, but it must meet four criteria:

  1. Connected: It must be connected to the net in some way, and data must be exchanged.
  2. Interactive: The project must respond in some way to an audience, directly, or indirectly (e.g. performance by the artist).
  3. Physical: The project must exist in physical space somehow.
  4. Exhibition: The project must be exhibited somewhere in Railroad Square during first Friday.

Step 1:
Post an HTML page containing your final project proposal(s) by Sunday Nov 16. Describe your project with text, drawings, code examples, links to artists and tutorials.

Step 2:
Work on the code first, then aesthetic aspects after the code works. Save multiple versions of your working files.

Step 3:
Bring it all together!!!

Possible Materials
I’ve talked to Daniel about projectors, he has 4-6. Richard has 2 more + computers. In addition, I’m going to demo MIDI Keyboards (there are three in our dept) > Flash, web cams motion detection, and other tricks to get physical space to send signals to the computer using a hacked mouse and sensors.

The Warehouse
You can set up anywhere in the BFA Warehouse. The Project Space is reserved and we will vote as a class to determine who gets to use it. Design spaces will be curated by Meg Mitchell. In addition, you can do anything outside (e.g. project on the walls of the warehouse).

The exhibition will be a collaboration between the two classes.

Demos Planned
Sound: detection
Webcam: motion detection, coordinates
Physical interactivity: broken mouse or keyboard
MIDI: Max > Flash
Data exchange: importing text file, importing PHP data

Links from lectures in class coming soon…

WEB_2: Art Against Information by Mitchell Whitelaw and Software Takes Command by Lev Manovich

Read and post your responses below for class Monday:

Discuss: Art Against Information by Mitchell Whitelaw and Software Takes Command (2009) [pages 1–5, 7–18] by Lev Manovich

Random bits: Cory Arcangel, Continuous Partial Awareness, 2008-09

Cory Arcangel gave a lecture recently exposing all of his greatest and not so great ideas from the past years. The sound is not very good but its worth a look for fun or for brainstorming ;-)