Random bits: Google Barcode, Email Etiquiette, Die Electric, Mutantrumpet, and Google Timeline

1. Today’s Google logo is hilarious. Check out the gallery for more wackiness.

2. This great article on email etiquette might just save your job one day.

3. A dielectric is an insulating material. It does not conduct electricity. The “Die Electric” experiment by Scott Amron makes use of AC power plugs and sockets less the flow of electricity. Finally, the “keybrid” below.

Picture 6

Picture 5


4. Palladio, an interactive, playable movie based on the novel by Jonathan Dee, is created by Ben Neill (on mutantrumpet) and visual artist Bill Jones. In their performances together, both VJ and trumpeter control music and video as a single hybrid form; a live duet of images and sound.

5. Google Timeline creates a visualization based on information it finds around the dates.



Ethics and Copyright

Read and watch the following and post your responses:

Writing cover letters

There are many good resources online. Here are three concise and advertisement-free articles about writing cover letters (complete with examples)…

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Improve your Google ranking in five easy steps

“The paths of your URLs are the most important things to consider. These will be the very first things Google looks at. They must be self-explanatory and very logical.”

—Richard Francis, Tips to improve your search engine rankings