Google, evil or not?


Random bits: Anonymous Twitter Machine, The Yes Men, Calma, Scott Thomas, Conrad Shawcross, and Mike Rugnetta and Patrick Davison

Picture 8 by Patrick Davison with Twitter API

TEMPORAL : The Art of Stephan Doitschinoff (aka Calma) from Jonathan LeVine Gallery on Vimeo.

Picture 3

Scott Thomas, who authored the book Designing for Obama, was the Design Director for President Barack Obama’s historic political campaign, in which branding, design, and the web worked together to build a base of like-minded constituents. In this excerpt from last spring’s 99% conference in New York, Thomas likens the campaign to “building an airplane in flight” and discusses the creative’s need for triage and the importance of keeping things simple.

Conrad Shawcross

Picture 5
Loan Words by Mike Rugnetta and Patrick Davison

Random bits from class: Sonic weapons, solar systems, site designs, and


Michæl Paukner

Sites with black nav bars

Ethics and Copyright

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