Physical Computing

Web 3: Networked devices (fall 2011)
ART4929C–03 M/W 12:50-3:20 PM
Room: FAB 320A

Instructor: Owen Mundy
Office: FAB 408
Office hours: By appointment

website / syllabus

Course Description

This course will explore the use of sensors, motors, and other electronics to create web interfaces that interact with the physical world. We will hack, modify, and create systems which detect analog data and transmit it across the internet to our custom web applications or mobile devices and then back again. This course is designed for artists, designers, and programmers who wish to create culturally-relevant and technically-sophisticated electronics projects which are both utilitarian and artistic at once.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Design and implement simple electronic circuits
  • Write software for the Arduino development environment
  • Use common input devices to detect light, motion, temperature, pressure, and sound
  • Write programs using open source languages which transfer data across the Internet based on occurrences in the real world
  • Create complex projects that enable web applications to react to physical environments

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