BFA Studio Art Thesis

BFA Thesis (spring 2012)
ART4929C–02 M/W 3:35–6:05 PM
Location: BFA Warehouse (occasionally in FAB 332)

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Instructor: Owen Mundy
Office: FAB 408
Office hours: By appointment

Teaching Assistant: Sarah Andyshak
Office: William Johnston building 2031
Office hours: By appointment

Course Description

This course is designed to help students develop their work for the BFA thesis exhibition or their capstone project and prepare them for exhibiting this work. Ancillary elements of exhibiting include the following: installation plans, communication with the gallery, museum, or venue where exhibiting, photo documentation, written artist/design statement, press release, and show advertisement, among others. This class assists the BFA art and design student in preparing for all aspects of their final project in preparation for graduation.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Have protected time to work on their final project
  • Meet with museum staff to learn about the various rules, restrictions, and allowances for exhibiting in such spaces. Additionally, what information needs to be provided to a museum prior to exhibiting. Even if not participating in this exhibition, this is a key experience in understanding how artist/venue relationships typically work.
  • Create and distribute a poster advertising the exhibition and final projects
  • Participate in peer group critiques and individual critiques with the instructor
  • Thoughtfully present their own work and critique other’s artwork
  • Write coherently about artwork
  • Prepare their own work for presentation and be able to install work according to industry standards
  • Present their work in a public venue

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