Social Network Analysis workshop

Social Network Analysis workshop
Thursday, Sept 28, 1:40–4:30pm
Wall 210

Network visualization with R

Katherine Ognyanova, Rutgers University Web:
Twitter: @ognyanova

Network science is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary area that allows us to understand the dynamics of interconnected systems: social, digital, physical, biological, economic, and others. Visualizing network structure provides a key avenue for data exploration and presentation.

This workshop will cover network visualization using the R language for statistical computing (cran.r- and RStudio ( Participants should have some prior knowledge of R and network concepts. The session will provide a brief overview of network formats, focusing on their structure and representation in key R packages. Attendees will also receive an introduction to major principles of graphics used in the R environment.

The workshop will provide a step-by-step guide describing (through series of examples) the path from raw data to graph visualization in the igraph and Statnet frameworks. The advanced portion of the workshop will touch on dynamic visualization for longitudinal networks and combining networks with geographic maps. We will also discuss ways of converting graphs in R to interactive JavaScript/3D-based visualizations for the Web.

Instructions for participants:

The following steps will help you prepare for the workshop (though you can also complete them when we meet if you have not had the chance to do so in advance).

Please download and install the latest version of R ( and RStudio (

We will use several key R packages that you can install by typing: install.packages(“igraph”)

install.packages(“ndtv”) install.packages(“threejs”) install.packages(“visNetwork”)

Optional packages that are not mission critical for the workshop but will allow you to do more advanced work can be installed by typing:

install.packages(“RColorBrewer”) install.packages(“extrafont”) install.packages(“ggplot2”) install.packages(“png”) install.packages(“animation”) install.packages(“maps”) install.packages(“geosphere”)

At the end of the workshop, participants will have some time to do hands-on work visualizing their own data. If you do not have a network in mind, you can work on one that will be provided by the instructor.

If you have questions about the workshop or network visualization in general, feel free to contact me at or on Twitter at @ognyanova.


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