How Connected Are You?

For our observation this week, we asked all of our classmates to send us the following lists:

  1. 15 of your friends at Davidson
  2. 15 of your classmates this semester at Davidson
  3. Every professor you have had at Davidson

Our goal was to create a network graph that shows the connections we have through the people in our classes.

We have 4 visualizations to accompany these lists. There is one network graph for friendship:


One network graph for classmates:


One network graph for professors we’ve had at Davidson:


Note that in the overall graph below that the edges indicate either friends, classmates, or professors (or all of the above?):


Here is the link to the Google drive folder that contains our .dot files and pdfs so you may zoom in closer to examine the graphs.

**** Updated ****

Visit this link for a better graph layout: