Physical Computing reading for Oct 30



2 thoughts on “Physical Computing reading for Oct 30

  1. I am impressed with the amount of work that Brooke has put into the project. It is well thought out and simple to understand. I checked out the site after the reading and saw its functionality as compared to CERCLIS. She has taken data and turned it into something understandable. She is making something that is relevant and giving us access to it. I appreciate a statement she made part way through the article “What is needed is a change in cultural perception of data and its technical
    underpinnings.” She had an idea and worked with people who could help her realize it… This is something I would like to be able to do similarly.

    The Twitter article is fun. I always appreciate ironic commentary on our society like the work that is being done by many hackers.

  2. I found the Wired article rather inspiring, despite its simple application. In our web2 class we talk about the performative aspect of identity and how we perform it daily, through Facebook, Twitter, etc. to only show the world our best. But I like the idea of the toilet arduino that has it’s own Twitter account that lets its followers know the water temp and when it gets flushed; which would be a funny critique on the ridiculous status updates people post in social media.

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