WEB_1: Non-linear Narrative

Non-linear Narrative: Hypertext Story

Write or adapt a short story in hypertext to compose a non-linear narrative structure across multiple HTML pages. The story can be autobiographical in nature, based on an event or episode in your life, or just something you make up for the assignment.


  • To properly structure an XHTML document
  • To apply styles to a document via an external style sheet
  • To create links within folders
  • To further develop text formatting techniques
  • To explore the possibilities of non-linear narratives

Final Product:

  • 15 short XHTML pages, linked to each other according to the navigational flow of a non-linear fictional narrative.
  • You must present multiple storyline options for the user to choose from.
  • When the user clicks an option, they will be taken to a new page in which the narrative will carry on according to the path they have chosen.


  • Your pages should be properly formatted XHTML documents. Please see the document regarding XHTML structure and text formatting on the course website.
  • Each page should be linked to at least two other pages, giving the user power over the outcome of the story.
  • Each page should be linked to the same style sheet, and make use of the same text styles.

Here are some common examples of this type of narrative:

The structure of your narrative could be arranged like this:



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