Your Business Card is CRAP

Also, American Psycho Business Card Scene…


4 thoughts on “Your Business Card is CRAP

  1. The “Your Business Card is CRAP ” video was very entertaining. He card was actually pretty nifty. I don’t know what I would do with it if I ever got one like that. I probably wouldn’t want to throw it away, but I wouldn’t want to keep it either.

    The American Psycho scene is really odd. I still haven’t seen that movie. People get really serious about their business cards.

  2. The guy was very entertaining to say the least, I think that his card ideas is not practical.
    1- he is over paying
    2- it doesn’t even fit in his wallet so he has to carry it in his hand, he is probably less likely to carry them around all the time
    3- it took him 25 years to design

  3. the American Psycho video was interesting, I have never seen the movie , but it is fascinating how much a slight change in the color white can affect the appearance of someone’s character though a business card.

  4. I thought the guy in “Your business card is CRAP” was pretty humorous. I thought his card looked awesome, seeing how it should since it took him 25 years to produce. I never thought of making a business card a different size and have to agree with Tina that this is not practical. But, I think it would impress the client very much the way it is designed.

    The scene from American psycho had me laughing too. All their business cards are designed exactly the same and it’s funny how they are bragging about them like they are really something special.

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