‘Flatpack Fish’ schematics by Zack Sultan

A wonderful bit of layout and writing about an imagined utilitarian food source. By combining sleek appropriation with contemporary issues, a well-designed twist of expectations yields brilliant social satire. Not to mention a great idea for a DIY publication that encourages exposure of a design practice.



One thought on “‘Flatpack Fish’ schematics by Zack Sultan

  1. This article is hilarious. I always thought of IKEA as mostly tongue in cheek design and this page actually highlights that aspect. I really wish there was an additional link to the John Hobbs ad campaign. I would love to see the re-imagining of NYC. One thing that always surprises me is that innovations are often made towards the goal of a utopia (much like the designs and ads of IKEA seem to suggest) as the end goal. Why is it that the process is never the important part. Innovation for innovation’s sake, if you will. Problem solving was always much more interesting to me.

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