Physical Computing reading for Feb 22

John Correll, Igloo White (2004) and Mayo Nissen Unseen Sensors: Constantly Sensing but Rarely Seen (2014) – Blog


Physical Computing reading for Feb 1

Brian Merchant, Everything That’s Inside Your iPhone Motherboard (2017)

Physical Computing readings for Jan 18

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DIG 210 Group 3 Observers: Political Bias & Trust in the News






chart (1)

The reason we collected this data was to understand how exactly our class was segmented, based on political bias, news source preference, and trust for traditional news sites. Our intention was to see if there was a possible link between trust for news sources and political bias, since we’ve had good discussions about it in class. To do this we asked 3 questions: 1. How do you get your news? 2. How do you identify politically? 3. Do you trust traditional news/print-news sources?

Our intentions with this last graph was to correlate trust with a value. Trust for traditional news sources was measured as yes, mostly yes, mostly no, and no. Each response was given a value of  1, .5, 0, -.5, 1. Each new trust value was attributed to its  respective political group (x-axis groups), averaged, and then normalized based on their representative parts of the whole. As a whole, those who identify as left leaning trust traditional media (and are the majority of responses), and those who identify as right-leaning (minority of the class) usually trust traditional media less. Those who identified as hating politics tended to trust traditional media sources.